What’s This All About?

This is one way for me to share what would otherwise be left to age in a closed book somewhere. And so what of words? If need be there will arise thousands upon thousands of them, that they may begin to paint pictures. And even better still, may you listen to these words spoken aloud, that they may be sung rather than hung upon an idle page. There is magic within the sacred sounds and symbols we use to communicate. The ancient languages were wrapped up in a precious magic long forgotten by the English language, though I do not shy away from my mother tongue. There is power within words. Especially when we say what we mean and we mean what we say.  May each of your words become a prayer sent forth to make manifest your very own truth. Here I share my truth.

Check out ‘The Full Spectrum’ on the sidebar to find an array of lovingly crafted literature. But please do not claim what is written here as your own, for surely you will live out the consequence of your actions. If you would like to use anything by Tiny Giants for a worthy purpose, or if you have a project which Tiny Giants could help with, or you would like to collaborate, please feel free to ‘Contact Us’.


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