Absolutely Anything





– opening a window –


I can’t fly without wings, we all know that,

if I jump from a height I might go ka-splat!

I’m not foolish enough to think I can fly,

but everything changes when I close my eyes…..

When I let my mind and body be still,

let go of the world and gather my will,

when I return unto the silence within,

I can do absolutely anything!




– a bright night sky –


When I sit in silence, I leap up high,

and suddenly I’m able to float and fly.

I no longer stand upon two hairy legs,

I have a tail of pretty feathers instead.

And my arms have become magnificent wings,

that take to the skies and ride the wind.

That soar through the sunset on into the light,

of endless stars in an endless night.


Interstellar clouds of space dust assembling,

new stars in the making form patterns resembling

a bright night vine full of sparkling fruit,

that I pick like grapes and turn into juice.

I gulp down the galaxies one by one,

till the whole entire universe is in my tum.

Yes that’s right, I even swallow the sun,

and become everything all in one!


But the butterflies they tickle my insides,

and the ravens fly out my eyes.

The frogs croak and leap from my throat,

and the monkeys tell such silly jokes.

So I laugh and the stars come spilling back out,

and all of creation pours forth from my mouth.

A celestial stream for time to travel,

a marvelous dream for life to unravel.




– embracing the human experience –


And when I return to my body and open my eyes,

I no longer have wings, so of course I can’t fly.

But I can stand upright and move and dance,

I can grow a garden, and eat the plants.

I can do intricate things with hands instead,

walk with light steps on two strong legs.

Find the worth buried beneath this skin,

and learn what it means to be human.


I’m a weathered old Navigator, wild and free,

exploring the world, sailing the seven seas.

Listening close for the secrets they keep,

for it is the treasure of wisdom I seek.

A full moon sways my open ocean, takes me by the hand,

leads me on the long tides, to the shores of far off lands.

To walk the sacred trails from the mountains to the sea,

to swim in the holy rivers and meet the ancient trees.


To hear the old stories from the few who still remember,

and meet with the medicine of great mother nature.

Still listening close for the secrets they keep,

for it is the treasure of wisdom I seek.

So I let my mind and body be still,

I close my eyes and gather my will,

and return unto the silence within,

where I can do absolutely anything!




– breathing underwater –


I tip toe across the moonlit crests of rolling waves,

chasing dolphins, playing games in the bay.

Diving under the surface, exploring the reef,

making friends with the colourful creatures I meet.

And when the wind howls, and the ocean’s a gale,

I dive down deep to swim with the whales.

They lead me down to the deepest of deeps,

down where the light it can not reach.


But I fear not the darkness way down in the deep,

the monsters down there are afraid of me!

If they give us trouble we’ll turn them to dust,

why the monster’s are all afraid of us!

If they try to bite us we’ll pull out their teeth!

But I try to be nice to the monsters I meet.

I prefer to leave them be, and go about my way,

I swim off somewhere else to find friends who want to play.


I prefer the company of sea slugs and turtles,

and a jellyfish who glows a phosphorescent purple.

The octopus, the stingray, the rare munglewurzel,

and my good friend the beautiful mermaid, Myrtle.

There are entire sea forests of sea trees and sea flowers,

full of all kinds of creatures with magical powers.

All these and other such wonderous sights,

the night’s so bright when you turn out the lights!




– now it’s your turn –


Well if I can do anything, then you can too,

it’s true, there’s nothing you can not do.

It may take a little practise, some getting used to,

but sooner or later, you will make it through.

If you just let your mind and body be still,

close your eyes and gather your will.

If you return unto the silence within,

you can do absolutely anything!



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