Stepping Stones




It begins by making way.

By stepping on stones,

hopping on rocks.

Finding a rythm to step to

that sees you sure footed,

and without hinderance.

A spontaneous arising

of the path before you.

Step by step.

Stone by stone.

No mind to map out

the next move,

or choose for you

some sordid fate.

Stay close to life

as it presents itself,

where you shall be

richly rewarded,

and want for nothing more

than all you are given.

So each day you go to the river

to play and hop on the rocks.

Once you have learned

how to hop on rocks,

you can hop anywhere,

and so are free to wander.

Still you find yourself

by the river each day,

dancing from stone to stone,

untill you come to know

that place so well

that you become the rock,

and the river,

and the ocean beyond it,

and no longer have any need

to hop on rocks.

Still you find yourself

by the river each day.

Stepping from stone to stone.

rock hopping your way

to nowhere. 


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